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Topics Covered

These are the topics covered during the market outlook:
Broad Market Outlook Amid Covid-19
  • The major US indices fell over 30% from their all time highs in record time, and then rebounded up over 20% in late March. Has the market bottomed, or is this just a dead cat bounce?
  • What are the implications of the virus on healthcare, economy and finance? What steps have been taken, what is the 'worst case scenario', and what doest that mean for traders and investors?
Safe Havens
  • Between the several known 'safe havens', which one is the real deal, and why is it so?
  • The 3 major catalysts for gold to go higher.
  • Gold trade plan: What are the key levels to watch for gold?
Relative Strength Pair Trading Strategy
  • How do you protect yourself from the wild market swings during this period of volatility with a pair trading strategy?
  • Which are the best pairs to trade, between:
  • The worlds major indices?
  • Singapore REITs?
  • The FAANGS - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google?
  • Singapore Stocks?
The Bear Market
  • Are we still in a bear market, or is it a good time to start buying?
  • What type of recovery are we expecting to look at for this epidemic and bear market?
  • What are the key signs to watch that will indicate that the bottom is near?
Hong Kong and China Outlook
  • How has Covid-19 lockdown affected the HK and China Markets?
  • What are the key levels to watch on the Hang Seng Index?
  • What are the key themes / stocks to watch for the HK and China market in 2020?
US Stocks
  • US Bull Portfolio: Stocks to watch and buy in the "Coronavirus Economy".
  • US Bear Portfolio: Best stocks to short during these uncertain times.
Credit Market
  • How has the the credit market historically correspond to the financial markets, and how do we use the credit spreads as in indicator for a recovery?
Quantitative Easing
  • What is the difference between the 2008 QE vs 2020 QE?
  • What are the implications of Fed's unlimited QE having on the markets?
About the Presenter

Mr Robin Ho

Robin Ho is a top tier trader and remisier at Phillip Capital.

He became a well sought after speaker after turning $100,000 into $2 million in 15 months during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Since November 2017, he has partnered with Societe Generale to promote the Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) via webinars and monthly seminars.

Over the years, he has mentored thousands of traders and has been an accredited trainer at SGX Academy since 2012. Hundreds of subscribers are following his proprietary trading signals that use price action strategies, which he believes is most relevant for the volatile market today. He has also been featured in major publications such as The Straits Times, The Business Times and Zaobao.

What People Say

Here is what some of what our previous attendees has to say about Robin’s market outlooks:

"Very good summary to the past 1 year and very informative for the coming 2020 situations on world economics as well as the Asia and US markets outlook. Good inputs on the Gold, Bitcoin, and US Indexes and China's aim to detach from US technology dependency."
K.K. Wong
"A valuable & informative talk by a top tier trader/remisier on the market outlook especially on the impact of US-China trade deal and the things to look out for to invest in the current market. Thank you Robin."
K.Y. Chiew
"Today was my first time attending Robin Ho's Market Outlook talk. It was 3 hours of highly engaging and informative content. Biggest takeaway for me was learning about US, China and SG macro news and applying it to potential stock picks. Thank you Shifu!"
Kimberly Tan

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